Optimal transport : Theory and Applications
to cosmological Reconstruction and Image processing

Organized by the St Petersburg branch of the V.A. Steklov Mathematics Institute and the Euler Institute (St Petersburg). Supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Chebyshev laboratory of the St.Petersburg State University, French National Research Agency (project ANR–07–BLAN–0235 OTARIE), and the ATDIA company.

International conference Monge-Kantorovich optimal transportation problem, transport metrics and their applications dedicated to the centenary of L. V.  Kantorovich

St. Petersburg, Russia, June 4–7, 2012

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In January 2012 one will celebrate 100 years from the birthday of the great mathematician of the 20th century, Nobel prize winner L.V. Kantorovich. Among a number of his outstanding achievements special role is played by the study of the general setting of the optimal mass transportation problem originally posed by Monge. The idea of the conference is to present, by means of a series of talks given by leading world experts in the field, the state of the art in the modern optimal mass transportation theory, covering the whole range of its recent developments and applications.

This page contains a list of participants, photos, and program of the conference. Slides of talks are clickable form the list of talk titles in the program. There is also some practical information regarding the venue, accommodation, arrival, and getting around the city.


Please look at the following album.



Please register at your earliest convenience filling in the registration form for participants. Please do not forget to enter the detailed information also about the accompanying persons, if they need a visa as well. Please fill in for them the separate registration form for accompanying persons.

You may find useful the following information regarding the entry visa for Russian Federation.


| Mon 04/06  | Tue 05/06  | Wed 06/06  | Thu 07/06 
9:30–10:20 Ekeland Bogachev Sturm Figalli
10:30–11:20 Santambrogio Kolesnikov Gigli Wolansky
11:20–11:40 Coffee
11:40–12:30 De Pascale Evstigneev Petrache Sobolevskii
12:30–14:20 Lunch
14:20–15:10 Plakhov Sudakov Misiolek Miniseminars:
15:20–16:10 Petrov Bobkov Granieri Bonnotte/Louet/Gasnikov
16:10–16:30 Coffee
16:30–17:20 Brasco Ghoussoub Martinetti

The program is tentative. All talks except miniseminars will last 50 min including discussion, and should be suitable for the diverse audience of the conference. Miniseminars will last 30 minutes.

Titles of talks


The conference venue is provided by the Euler International Mathematics Institute (EIMI). The conference room is equipped with a chalk blackboard, an overhead projector and a video projector.

Your local contacts are Eugene Stepanov and Program Coordinator Nadezhda Zalesskaya of the EIMI (email zaleska@pdmi.ras.ru, tel/fax +7-812-234-0574 during office hours). . If you are reading this page, Stepanov's email should probably be already known to you. He is usually available in Google Google Talk logo when online)


Most participants coming from outside St Petersburg will be accommodated at Hotel Andersen, a three-star hotel in a walking distance from the conference venue at EIMI and not far from the nearest metro station, Petrogradskaya. The rates range between 4200 and 4800 rub per night. Click the link below the following map to see a larger one.

Besides Andersen Hotel there are some cheaper accompodation possibilities. In particular, there are mini hotels at a 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the EIMI, like Popov hotel (rates range from 2900 rub for a single room to 3500 for a double room), Nord hotel (7th floor of an apartment building, with only 3 single rooms for 2500 rub and 6 double rooms for 3600-3900 rub), 5 vecherov (only 5 rooms ranging from 2700 to 4800 rub per night), or Zlatoust hotel (it is 2 km from the EIMI but closer to the city center than others). The hotel Nauka is a budget type accommodation but is about 1 hour ride from the EIMI. The rates there range from 800 rub for a bed in a twin (double) room to 1600-1900 rub for a single room.

View Hotels - EIMI in a larger map

Arrival from the airport

Upon arrival, a pick up from the Airport will be arranged for all the invited speakers. Those who would like to use it, are asked to leave the flight details (flight number, place of departure, arrival time and the Terminal of arrival) by filling in the online form. There will be a person at the Airport meeting point holding a sign with the name of the Institute: the Euler Mathematical Institute. The contact number just in case is +79602791037 (Nadezhda Zalesskaya).

Getting around by public transport

From the Pulkovo-II Airport: Take bus 13 or a minibus (numbers 3, 13, 113, or 213) near the Arrivals hall. Exit at the large plaza with fountains (this web page in Russian has some photos) and take the metro from the Moskovskaya metro station to the Petrogradskaya station (same line, blue).

From the Petrogradskaya metro station to the hotel: the simplest is just to walk (10–15 minutes). Alternatively you can take two stops by trolleybus 34 or by bus 1 or 46, or by minibuses 46, 76, 127, 252, 298, 346 (in a minibus you should ask to stop at Ulitsa Chapygina).

To visualize the above directions at a larger zoom click the link below the following map.

View airport-hotel travel directions in a larger map

Important: in public transport, as well as elsewhere in the city, you will need roubles in cash! 10-rouble bills and 1- or 2-rouble coins are ideal, and 50-rouble bills still work (bus drivers strongly prefer to have exact change). One metro trip is 25 roubles: buy coin-shaped tokens at a “kassa” at any metro station, or get a rechargeable magnetic card (30 roubles, reimbursable when you return the card; cards are sold and recharged in special machines located at most metro stations). Normal bus/trolleybus ticket is 21 roubles, and minibuses are operated by private companies and cost from 26 to 35 roubles.

Be sure also to check out the helpful TripAdvisor page on St Petersburg as well as a local tourist web site in English.

Finally there are these beautiful aerial views of St Petersburg made by a popular Russian blogger drugoi just a few days prior to our conference.

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