Curriculum vitae
Pedagogic activity
Principal results

PhD theses made under advisorship of Yu. Ilyashenko

  • B.Muller, Local genericity of the density property for some classes of equations in CP2 and C3, 1974;
  • S.Voronin, Some problems of normal forms theory, 1983;
  • A.Shcherbakov, Noncommutative groups of germs (C,0) (C,0) and generic properties of differential equations in the complex projective plane, 1983;
  • P.Elizarov, Some questions of local theory of analytic differential equations, 1986;
  • N.Medvedeva, Stability problem for planar monodromic fixed points, 1988;
  • S.Trifonov, Divergence of Dulac's series and desingularization in the families of differential equations, 1991;
  • L.Ortiz-Bobadilla, Topology of linear foliations in the complex space, 1991;
  • A.Glutsuk, Uniformization of leaves of one-dimensional complex foliations, 1996;
  • V. Stantso, Classification of generic few-parameter families of smooth vector fields on the two-sphere and bifurcations of "lips", 1997;
  • A.Gorodetski, Minimal Attractors and Partially Hyperbolic Invariant Sets of Dynamical Systems, 2001;
  • A.Panov, Limit cycles of Abel and Lienard equations, 2002;
  • I.Pushkar', Generalization of Ilyashenko's theorem on the generation of limit cycles, 2003.