This is seminar organized by Grisha Papayanov (Northwestern) and myself in March 2020. We have two math sessions weekly -- on Thursdays and Sundays; and one non-math session weekly with talks in broad subjects.

Upcoming events:

  • Conference in Moscow, March (cancelled due to COVID-19)

    Next talk:

  • tba

    Last talks:

    Basel (November 20), Mainz (December 20), Lyon (March 15), NYU (April 16), Toronto (April 21), Irvine (May 14), Davis (May 16), Krakow (June 8), Moscow (Aug 2), Rio de Janeiro (Aug 7,8), Perimeter (Oct 3), London (Oct 2), Miami (Oct 23 & Oct 25), Mexico City (Nov 28), Hannover (Dec 5), Warsaw (16-20)

    Past events:

    RepTile, February 22-24.
    Number Theory Days (March 8-11), Athens, GA.
    Hyperkähler Event, June 19-23.
    Lutsinofest, July 1-3.
    Summer School in Yaroslavl', July 23-August 1.

    About me:

    I completed my PhD at HSE in 2017, since 2017 I am PostDoc at UGA. In 2020 I am supposed to move to University College London. I am interested in algebraic geometry, especially hyperkähler geometry, also in complex and differential geometry, and to a lesser extent in the interplay between algebraic geometry and number theory. Currently, I am thinking on questions related to the Lagrangian fibrations of hyperkähler manifolds, and some other questions on finitness of such manifolds, i.e. Rozansky-Witten invariants, group of automorphisms.

    On this website you can find some of my CV, publications and preprints, talks, and information on my teaching.

    My other interests include chemistry (some works are also available in publications), football, and couple of different projects.