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178Mirror symmetry for character varieties and field theoryMar 4, 2020Bengaluru
177Mirror symmetry for complex projective space and optimal towers of algebraic curvesMar 2, 2020Bengaluru
176Gamma conjecture IIIFeb 18, 2020Mumbai
+10Decompositions in Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry, Gamma Conjectures, Mirror Symmetry, and their applicationsJan 14 - Feb 14, 2020Mumbai
175Optimal towers via mirror familiesNov 25-29, 2019Osaka
Multiple zeta values @ OktobermatOct 25, 2019Rio de Janeiro
174Gamma conjectures for monotone symplectic manifoldsSep 13, 2019Rio de Janeiro
Error-detecting and error-correcting codes @ q.t.p.Aug 27, 2019Rio de Janeiro
173Fourth symmetric powers and twisted cubicsNov 30, 2018Sapporo
172Homotopy quantization of real plane curve enumerationNov 13, 2018Rio de Janeiro
171Formulae in rings of varietiesNov 8, 2018Rio de Janeiro
170What is... a Grothendieck ringNov 1, 2018Fortaleza
169Moduli spaces of semi-stable vector bundles of rank two and fixed determinant on an algebraic curveJune 27, 2018Ascona
168Patchworking for pairs of pants and moduli spaces of flat SU(2)-connectionsJune 19, 2018Belalp
167On gamma-class and hemisphereDec 8, 2017Moscow
166On geography of log Calabi-YauDec 6, 2017Athens
165Cubic hypersurfaces, their moduli spaces and beautiful formulaeNov 30, 2017Oaxaca
164Beauville-Donagi and Debarre-Voisin as symmetric squares of Kummer-Kahler-Kodaira-KuznetsovNov 25, 2017Moscow
16327Nov 16, 2017Dolgoprudny
162Beauville surfaces and dessins d'enfantNov 8, 2017Moscow
161Polar dg-algebra and another view on Calabi-Yau geographyNov 2, 2017Moscow
160Beautiful formulae and gauged linear sigma modelsOct 26, 2017Moscow
159Extension of moduli and gauged linear sigma modelsOct 23, 2017Moscow
158Beautiful formalae, gauged linear sigma models and problems of semi-classical algebraic geometry Sep 22, 2017Bucharest
157Virtual SymmetriesSep 11, 2017Moscow
156Fano threefolds, K3 surfaces, Mathieu group, and Brav-Dyckerhoff relative Calabi-Yau structuresAugust 4, 2017Moscow
155Two Gauged Linear Sigma Models for non-spherical Calabi-Yau manifoldsJuly 13, 2017CERN
154Property O for odd cohomologyJune 20, 2017Moscow
153.3Cubic forms and related geometries 3June 7, 2017Gökova
153.2Cubic forms and related geometries 2June 6, 2017Gökova
153.1Cubic forms and related geometries 1June 5, 2017Gökova
152Degenerations to Normal Cone as Relations for a Grothendieckuesque GroupMay 19, 2017Vienna
151On Kashaev's simple model of 4d TQFT and realizations of Pachner movesMay 18, 2017Vienna
150On a derived involution on variety of lines on a cubic fourfoldMay 4, 2017Vienna
149Relations between cycles on cubicsApr 26, 2017Vienna
148Representations of Kronecker quiver and determinantal representations of cubic formsApr 21, 2017Kaliningrad
147Points, lines, squares, and cubicsApr 20, 2017Kaliningrad
146The conifold pointApr 14, 2017Moscow
145Relations between zero-cycles and curves on cubic (hyper)surfacesMar 23, 2017Zurich
144Gamma conjecturesMar 10, 2017Schloss Huenigen
143Relations between zero-cycles and curves on cubic (hyper)surfacesFeb 23, 2017Paris
142On tubular neighbourhoods and degenerations to normal conesJan 18, 2017Belalp
141Octonions and projective planesJan 10, 2017Moscow
140Mirror symmetry and automorphic forms for some hyperkähler manifoldsJan 10, 2017Moscow
139Hyperkähler manifolds and mirror symmetryJune 2, 2016Gokova
138Hyperkähler manifolds and modular formsMay 5, 2016Warsaw
137Algebras of geometriesApr 12, 2016Moscow
136Gamma conjectures and mirror symmetryMar 18, 2016Geneve
135Yau-Zaslow formulaFeb 9, 2016Moscow
134Minuscule varieties and mirror symmetryFeb 1, 2016Columbia, SC
133Curve counting on varieties with special holonomyJan 26, 2016Engelberg
133Quantum indices of real curves and non-commutative Ginzburg-Landau potentialJan 22, 2016Moscow
132Arnold-Maxwell theorem and Oguiso-Shroeer manifoldsDec 31, 2015Moscow
131Hyperkähler manifolds and modular formsDec 22, 2015Berlin
130Markov triples and exotic tori on a plane Dec 14, 2015Moscow
129Counting rational curves on abelian varietiesDec 8, 2015Magadan
128Homotopy quantizationDec 7, 2015Moscow
127Quantum, refined, tropical, real, and homotopicDec 4, 2015Moscow
126Mirror moonshineDec 1, 2015Moscow
125Counting rational curves on abelian varietiesNov 17, 2015Kashiwa
124Automorphic forms on a complex ballOct 27, 2015Moscow
123Measurements of varietiesOct 20, 2015Chicago
122MoonshinesSep 28, 2015Geneve
121Joins and Hadamard productsSep 17, 2015Moscow
120Geometric moonshinesSep 15, 2015Moscow
119Gamma function in symplectic topologySep 3, 2015Moscow
118Class of a cubic in the Grothendieck-Levine ringAugust 22, 2015Koryazhma
117A zeta-function of a dg-categoryJuly 13, 2015Trieste
116Calculus of algebraic dynamicsJune 26, 2015Les Diablerets
115The conifold point, conjecture O, and related problemsJune 9, 2015Bonn
114Exceptional minuscule graphs and motivesJune 8, 2015Mainz
113Homotopy quantizationMay 27, 2015Gokova
112Joins and Hadamard productsMay 23, 2015Istanbul
111Branched covers and columns of Golyshev-Mendeleev's tableMay 19, 2015Istanbul
110Artin-Mumford, Ingalls-Kuznetsov and Hosono-TakagiMay 8, 2015Vienna
109Branched covers and the explanation for miraculous "Golyshev-Mendeleev's table"May 6, 2015Paris
108Degenerations, transitions and quantum cohomologyApr 28, 2015Oberwolfach
107A tentative integer-valued birational invariant of threefoldsApr 11, 2015Stony Brook
A lecture on the origin of groupsMar 24, 2015Irkutsk
106On zeta-function of a categoryMar 5, 2015Moscow
105An explicit construction of Miura's varietiesFeb 13, 2015Moscow
104An explicit construction of Miura's varietiesFeb 4, 2015Stony Brook
103Refined counting of holomorphic discs bounded on Lagrangian torus on a surfaceJan 20, 2015Engelberg
102New Fano manifolds, new questionsDec 23, 2014Moscow
101A symplectic version of Dubrovin's conjecturesDec 9, 2014Sanya
100Polynomial relations between holomorphic curves and discsNov 26, 2014Saas-Fee
99Acyclic line bundles on fake projective planesNov 11, 2014Moscow
98Monotone Lagrangian tori in the planeOct 2, 2014Eilat
97Dolgachev surfaces and ball quotientsSep 25, 2014Luminy
96Calabi-Yau threefolds from elliptic curves, Grassmannians, sextonions,...June 15, 2014Edmonton
95Derived categories, motives, symmetric powers, zeta-functionsJune 9, 2014Edinburgh
94On conjectures of Dubrovin and Ostrover-TyomkinMay 30, 2014Gyeongju
93Lines on rational cubic fourfolds, and associated K3 surfacesMay 21, 2014Moscow
92Calabi-Yau threefolds: Age of Discovery?May 15, 2014Moscow
91Rational cubic fourfolds, their lines, and associated K3 surfacesMay 1, 2014Istanbul
90Grothendieck's LEGO and birational geometryApr 17, 2014Moscow
89Grothendieck's constructor and irrationality of cubic fourfoldsMar 29, 2014Geneva
88Rationality problems, with special regard to cubic hypersurfacesMar 27, 2014Geneva
87Cubics: lines, squares, and irrationalityMar 24, 2014London
86Cubics: lines, squares, and irrationalityMar 14, 2014Playa del Carmen
85Gamma conjectures for Fano manifoldsMar 6, 2014Ann Arbor
84Pairs of points and lines on cubicsFeb 25, 2014Moscow
83An explicit construction of Miura's varietiesFeb 20, 2014Tokyo
+4Geometry of surfaces with geometric genus zero.Jan 20-24, 2014Lausanne
82On positive aspects of mirror symmetryJan 10, 2014Taipei
81Cubics, squares and linesJan 4, 2014Hong Kong
80Mirror symmetry for Fano manifoldsJan 2, 2014Hong Kong
79The conifold pointDec 4, 2013Paris
78Mirror symmetry for elliptic curvesNov 29, 2013Moscow
77Mirror symmetry in lowest dimensionsNov 21, 2013Moscow
76Minuscule varieties and mirror symmetryNov 14, 2013Mexico D.F.
75Lines and symmetric squares of cubic hypersurfacesNov 14, 2013Mexico D.F.
74Intersection of two quadrics, moduli spaces and mirror symmetryNov 6, 2013Puerto Escondido
73Pairs of points and lines on cubics Oct 3, 2013Moscow
72Quantum cohomology algebra of toric Fano manifolds contains a field as a direct summandSep 27, 2013Saint Petersburg
+4lectures on Fano manifoldsSeptember 2013Bonn
71The quantization of mirror symmetry for del Pezzo surfacesSep 11, 2013Bonn
70Lines and pairs of points on cubicsSep 5, 2013Bonn
69Zeta-functions of perfect categories, symmetric powers and Hilbert schemesJune 19, 2013Mainz
68Tropical del Pezzo surfaces and quantum cluster surfacesJune 14, 2013Strasbourg
67MinifoldsMar 29, 2013Moscow
66Bartender's guide to wandering drunkardsMar 12, 2013Moscow
+4Apery, Gamma, Dubrovin, mirror symmetry and quantum cohomologyMar 2013Moscow
65Exceptional collections on punctual Hilbert schemes of surfaces, and categorical zeta-functionsFeb 25, 2013Kashiwa
64Schur functors applied to field theoriesFeb 21, 2013Tokyo
63Zeta and EtaFeb 4, 2013Sao Luis
62Projective duality, quantum cohomology and exceptional approximationsNov 15, 2012Kashiwa
61Phantom categoriesNov 8, 2012Kyoto
60Symmetries of hypersurfacesSep 28, 2012Moscow
59Exceptional collections of four line bundles on Beauville's quotient-product surfaceSep 14, 2012Moscow
58Minifolds and phantomsAugust 4, 2012Vienna
57Mutations of potentials and their upper boundsJuly 13, 2012Bonn
56Surface and threefold mutationsJune 15, 2012Vienna
55Introduction to mutations of potentialsJune 8, 2012Vienna
54MinifoldsApr 25, 2012Moscow
53Exceptional nc-HS and Diophantine approximationsMar 30, 2012Mainz
52Gamma-conjectures and recovering topology, 3: the conjecture OMar 25, 2012Bonn
+3 (3)Reflecting Fano, 3: mirror symmetryMar 22, 2012Geneva
+3 (2)Reflecting Fano, 2: A-modelMar 20, 2012Geneva
+3 (1)Reflecting Fano, 1Mar 19-22, 2012Geneva
51Homologically minimal fourfoldsJan 31, 2012Huatulco
50Homologically minimal fourfoldsDec 23, 2011Bangkok
49Two talks on Fano/ELP workshopDec 14-16, 2011Berlin
48Towards the unified symmetryDec 13, 2011Berlin
47Inequalities and their extremesDec 5, 2011Berlin
46Finite order autoequivalences of K3 categoriesOct 26, 2011Kinosaki
45More symmetries of K3Sep 29, 2011Edinburgh
44Generalized K3 automorphismsSep 23, 2011Golden sands
43Apery class and Gamma-conjecturesSep 15, 2011Bayreuth
42Non-commutative mirror symmetryJuly 13, 2011Split
41Mirror's symmetryJuly 1, 2011Vienna
40The ubiquity of reflexivityJune 29, 2011Vienna
+5Five lectures on Fano mirrorsJune 6-11, 2011Anmyendo
39New ways to count up to 15June 3, 2011Kyoto
38Mirrors for Mori and MukaiJune 2, 2011Kyoto
37Cremona and MathieuMay 28, 2011Edinburgh
36Fano and MathieuMay 12, 2011Banff
35Mutations of potentials and shards of the mirrorMay 6, 2011Vienna
34Fano and Mathieu, Kummer and NiemeierMay 4, 2011Vienna
33Kummer and Niemeier (Fano and Mathieu - II)Apr 4, 2011Moscow
32Mutations of potentialsMar 29, 2011Moscow
31Fano and MathieuMar 28, 2011Moscow
30Mirrors for minuscule varietiesFeb 24, 2011London
29.4New quantum motive candidate from abelian/non-abelian correspondenceFeb 25, 2011London
29.3Special Cremona group gauge-equivalence principleFeb 25, 2011London
29.2Cones and Unsections; Tom, Jerry and SpikeFeb 24, 2011London
29.1Beyond Minkowski ansatzFeb 23, 2011London
28Mirrors for Fano threefoldsFeb 21, 2011Seoul
27Degenerations, mirrors and their mutationsFeb 14, 2011Seoul
26Mirror symmetry for minuscule varietiesFeb 11, 2011Seoul
25Laurent phenomenon for Landau-Ginzburg potentialFeb 4, 2011Coral Gables
24G-Fano threefolds and Mathieu groupJan 31, 2011Coral Gables
23(Two constructions for) Mirrors of Fano varietiesDec 14, 2010Curitiba
22(Mirror) modularity of Fano threefoldsAugust 24, 2010Tokyo
21Prokhorov-Hacking degenerations in the mirrorMar 30, 2010Edinburgh
20Degenerations in the mirrorMar 25, 2010Aberdeen
19The miraculous eta-product formula and prime Fano 3-foldsFeb 10, 2010Kashiwa
18Mirror symmetries of P2 enumerated by Markov tripletsJan 19, 2010Kashiwa
17Invariants of Fano varieties via quantum D-moduleDec 14, 2009Tokyo
16Mirror symmetry of del Pezzo surfacesNov 27, 2009Tokyo
15Landau-Ginzburg models of Fano varietiesNov 16, 2009Kashiwa
14Apery ClassAugust 12, 2009Vienna
13Apery and GammaJune 4, 2009Kashiwa
12Apery ClassFeb 24, 2009Moscow
11On algebraic and arithmetic "quantum" invariants of Fano varietiesDec 22, 2008Berlin
10Fano spectra and Apery classDecember, 2008London
9Del Pezzo surfaces and their mirrorsDecember, 2008London
8Quantum cohomology via small degenerations and low ramificationDec 12, 2008London
7 On degenerations of FanosDec 8, 2008Berlin
6 On Fake Fanos Oct 15-19, 2008Vienna
3Degenerations of Fano threefolds (towards exceptional collections)Sep 3, 2008Kashiwa
2 May, 2008Lyutovo
1Del Pezzo surfaces and their mirrorsApr 17, 2008Mainz
0Toric degenerations of Fano manifoldsApr 3, 2008Moscow
Talk #0 is my PhD defense, some talks with negative numbers are not yet listed.
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