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    Graph potentials and VBAC moduli: mirror symmetry and TQFT in (2+2)d series
  1. P. Belmans, S. Galkin, S. Mukhopadhyay: Combinatorial non-abelian Torelli theorem (and why you cannot hear the shape of a random walk).
  2. P. Belmans, S. Galkin, S. Mukhopadhyay: Graph potentials and symplectic geometry of moduli spaces of vector bundles. arXiv:2206.11584.
  3. P. Belmans, S. Galkin, S. Mukhopadhyay: Graph potentials and topological quantum field theories. arXiv:2205.07244.
  4. P. Belmans, S. Galkin, S. Mukhopadhyay: Decompositions of moduli spaces of vector bundles and graph potentials. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma , 11 (2023) e16. arXiv:2009.05568 (v3 and later).
  5. P. Belmans, S. Galkin, S. Mukhopadhyay: Examples violating Golyshev's canonical strip hypotheses. Experimental Mathematics 31:1 (2022) 233--237. arXiv:1806.07648. MPIM 18-32.
  6. other works
  7. S. Galkin, I. Karzhemanov, E. Shinder: On automorphic forms of small weight for fake projective planes. Moscow Math Journal 23:1 (2023) 97--111. arXiv:1602.06107. IPMU 15-0202. (2014.08, Trento)
  8. S. Galkin, G. Mikhalkin: Singular symplectic spaces and holomorphic membranes. European Journal of Mathematics 8 (2022) 932--951. arXiv:2203.10043. (2014.10, Petra)
  9. Sergey Galkin, D.S. Nagaraj: Projective bundles and blow-ups of Projective spaces. Annali di Matematica 201 (2022) 2707--2713. arXiv:2006.12112.
  10. T. Coates, S. Galkin, A. Kasprzyk, A. Strangeway: Quantum periods for certain four-dimensional Fano manifolds. Experimental Mathematics 29:2 (2020) 183--221. arXiv:1406.4891.
  11. S. Galkin, S. Rybakov: A family of K3 surfaces and towers of algebraic curves over finite fields. Math. Notes 106:6 (2019) 1014--1018. arXiv:1910.14379
  12. S. Galkin, H. Iritani: Gamma conjecture via mirror symmetry. Primitive Forms and Related Subjects --- Kavli IPMU 2014, Adv. Stud. Pure Math. 83 (2019) 55--115. arXiv:1508.00719.
  13. S. Galkin, V. Golyshev, H. Iritani: Gamma classes and quantum cohomology of Fano manifolds: Gamma conjectures. Duke Math. J. 165:11 (2016) 2005--2077. arXiv:1404.6407. IPMU 10-0200.
  14. T. Coates, A. Corti, S. Galkin, A. Kasprzyk: Quantum periods for 3-dimensional Fano manifolds. Geometry & Topology 20 (2016) 103--256. arXiv:1303.3288. IPMU 13-0113.
  15. S. Galkin, A. Mellit, M. Smirnov: Dubrovin's conjecture for IG(2,6). Int Math Res Notices 2015:18 (2015) 8847--8859. arXiv:1405.3857.
  16. S. Galkin, L. Katzarkov, A. Mellit, E. Shinder: Derived categories of Keum's fake projective planes. Adv. Math. 278 (2015) 238--253. (2013.06, Mainz)
  17. S. Galkin, E. Shinder: Exceptional collections of line bundles on the Beauville surface. Adv. Math. 244 (2013) 1033--1050. arXiv:1210.3339. MPIM 12-60.
  18. S. Galkin: Degenerations, transitions and quantum cohomology. in: Tropical Aspects in Geometry, Topology and Physics. Oberwolfach Report No. 23/2015, pp. 1269--1273. arXiv:1809.02737 (2015.04, Oberwolfach)
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  21. M. Akhtar, T. Coates, S. Galkin, A. Kasprzyk: Minkowski Polynomials and Mutations. SIGMA 8:094 (2012) 1--707. arXiv:1212.1785. IPMU 12-0120.
  22. S. Galkin, V. Golyshev: Quantum cohomology of Grassmannians and cyclotomic fields. Russ. Math. Surv. 61:1 (2006) 171--173. (2004, Moscow)
  23. S. Galkin, P. Popov: On pairs, triples and quadruples of points on a cubic surface. Russ. Math. Surv., to appear. arXiv:1810.07001.
  24. S. Galkin, E. Shinder: On a zeta-function of a dg-category. arXiv:1506.05831. (2013.01, Saint Petersburg - Moscow)
  25. S. Galkin, E. Shinder: The Fano variety of lines and rationality problem for a cubic hypersurface. arXiv:1405.5154.
  26. S. Galkin, L. Katzarkov, A. Mellit, E. Shinder: Minifolds and Phantoms. 2013. IPMU 13-0102. arXiv:1305.4549.
  27. S. Galkin, A. Usnich: Laurent phenomenon for Ginzburg-Landau potential. 2010. IPMU 10-0100.
  28. S. Galkin: The conifold point. arXiv:1404.7388. (2011, Split)
  29. S. Galkin: Fano-Mathieu correspondence. arXiv:1809.02738. IPMU 10-0150.
  30. S. Galkin: G-minimal varieties are quantum minimal. IPMU 10-0101. (2008.04, Mainz)
  31. S. Galkin: Apéry constants of homogeneous varieties. arXiv:1604.04652. (2008.10, Mainz, preprint SFB45)
  32. S. Galkin: Two instances of fake minimal Fano threefolds. IPMU 11-0099. (2008.05, Mainz-IHES, preprint SFB45)
  33. S. Galkin: Small toric degenerations of Fano threefolds. arXiv:1809.02705. IPMU 12-0121. (2006-2008, Moscow)
  34. S. Galkin: Del Pezzo surfaces and low ramified pencils of elliptic curves. (in Russian) (2006-2008, Moscow)
  35. S. Galkin: Derived categories of coherent sheaves on toric stacks. ITEP-TH-105/04. (in Russian). (2004.06, Moscow) This is a stripped down version of my specialist (master) thesis.
  36. Older or superceded/overlapping versions
  37. P. Belmans, S. Galkin, S. Mukhopadhyay: Graph potentials and moduli spaces of rank two bundles on a curve. arXiv:2009.05568v2 (v1-v2 only). Superceded by arXiv:2009.05568v3 (v3 and later), arXiv:2205.07244, arXiv:2206.11584.
  38. S. Galkin, A. Mellit: Minifolds 1: on the projective fourspace. IPMU 11-0100. (2011.02, Trieste)
  39. In 2013 it was incorporated as the first half of preprint arXiv:1305.4549, but since second half of it was published separately, an extended version of this paper is going to be released.
  40. S. Galkin: Picard lattices of nodal toric Fano threefolds. 2008. (in Russian)
  41. This mini-article is a supplementary material for arXiv:1809.02705.
  42. S. Galkin: Toric degenerations of Fano manifolds. Ph.D. Thesis (Steklov Math Institute, April 3, 2008). (in Russian). Main results correspond to three papers above.

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