Artem Prikhodko

Artem Prikhodko

I am a postdoc at Skoltech's Center for Advanced Studies. So far my research was mostly concerned with derived and arithmetic algebraic geometry and higher category theory.

My CV.

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Papers and preprints

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p-adic Hodge theory for Artin stacks, with Dmitry Kubrak. 2021, May
We extend p-adic Hodge theory to the setting of smooth Artin stacks. As the main application we establish some connections between mod p cohomology of classifying spaces and modular representation theory. In particular, we prove Totaro's conjectural inequality.
Hodge-to-de Rham degeneration for stacks, with Dmitry Kubrak.
(Accepted to International Mathematics Research Notices)
2021, April
We extend the method of Deligne-Illusie to the setting of stacks. As an application we deduce equivariant Hodge degeneration for certain classes of varieties with an algebraic group action.
Equivariant Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem via formal deformation theory, with Grigory Kondyrev.2019, June
We prove the equivariant Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem using trace methods and carefully studing the geometry of the derived loop schemes.
Categorical proof of Holomorphic Atiyah-Bott formula, with Grigory Kondyrev.
(Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu, 2020).
2018, November
We use functoriality of traces in monoidal 2-categories to prove the Atiyah-Bott fixed point formula.


Fall 2019-Spring 2020Introduction to automorphic forms and Galois representations
Fall 2018-Spring 2019Chromatic Homotopy Theory
Fall 2017-Spring 2018p-adic Hodge Theory and Topological Hochschild Homology
Spring 2017Topics in Derived Algebraic Geometry
Fall 2016Equivariant Homotopy and Kervaire Invariant One Problem
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