Sometimes mathematical activities take place in extremely nice surroundings like Schwarzwald. Here are pictures taking during different conferences and workshops.
Symmetric functions: surveys of developments and perspectives,
Cambridge, July 2001.
Classical invariant theory,
Kingston, Canada, April 2002.
  • Geometry and combinatorics of representations of quivers, June 2003.
  • Locally symmetric spaces, October 2003.
  • Algebraische Gruppen, March 2004.

Geometry and representations, Luminy,
April 2005.
Lie groups, algebraic groups and transformation groups
A conference in honour of Ernest B. Vinberg's 70th birthday
Bielefeld 2007

The Interplay of Algebra and Geometry
A conference in honour of Corrado De Concini
Cortona, Il pazazzone, June 14-20 2009