Laminations and group actions in dynamics

Independent University of Moscow
Moscow, February 19–23, 2007

General information

A dynamical system is an action of the infinite cyclic group. Group action study is important for different areas of dynamics and geometry.

The topics of the conference include:

We plan a minicours by D. Calegari about the solution of the Ahlfors' measure conjecture for limit sets of Kleinian groups.

A preparatory talk (on Kleinian groups) will be given by A. Glutsyuk at Globus seminar (15.02, at 15h40) at the Independent University of Moscow, Conference room.

Confirmed speakers

C. Cabrera
D. Calegari
T. Golenishcheva-Kutuzova
V. Z. Grines
Yu. S. Ilyashenko
V. Kaimanovich
D. Kleinbock
V. Kleptsyn
A. Klimenko
Yu. Kudryashov
N. B. Medvedeva
I. Nakai
M. Nalsky
A. Navas
O. Pochinka
L. Teyssier
G. Tomanov
S. M. Voronin
N. I. Zhukova
E. Zhuzhoma

Supporting organizations

Laboratoire Jean-Victor Poncelet

Russian foundation for basic research


Monday, February 19

Tuesday, February 20

Wednesday, February 21

Thursday, February 22

Friday, February 23

Location (how to get to IUM)

From the Kropotkinskaya subway station

Take an exit to Gogolevsky blvd. It is closer to the first car of the southward train (going to the Yugo-Zapadnaya station). Go through the arcade near the subway exit and after that turn left down the stairs to the crosswalk (watch out for the cars!). Cross the road and go up the Gagarinsky street. In 5–7 minutes you'll see a church on your right — turn right to Bolshoy Vlasyevsky street after that. In 100 meters you'll see a yellowish-green four-story building on the left side of the street hidden behind some trees — that's MCCME.

From the Smolenskaya subway station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line – #3, dark blue)

Take the only subway exit, go to Old Arbat. Cross it near McDonald's, go along Denezhny street to the next crossroads. Turn left to Sivtsev Vrazhek street, keep moving till you reach Bolshoy Vlasyevsky street on your right. That'll be the second available right turn. Turn right to Bolshoy Vlasyevsky, walk 30 meters and you'll see a yellowish-green four-story building on your right hidden behind some trees. That is MCCME.

Map and photo

English map MCCME Photo


Organizers: Yu. S. Ilyashenko, A. A. Glutsyuk;

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