Mistakes in the second edition of Geometry in Figures.
2.8) It was the problem number 13 (not 10) of Sharygin's Geometrical Olympiad, 2008, Correspondence round. Author is A. G. Myakishev. Thanks to Ricardo Barroso, who noticed it.

4.1.2) Noticed by Danila Ivanov.

4.3.32) Noticed by Sergey Markelov.

4.4.20) Noticed by Alexey Lvov.

4.10.5) Noticed by Sergey Markelov.

6.1.13) Noticed by Alexey Lvov.

6.8.19) Noticed by Kousik Sett.

11.8) Noticed by Oleg Zalian.

11.1.35) Noticed by Keita Miyamoto.