Arseniy Akopyan's homepage
Contact Info:
I've defended my Ph.D in 2010 at Yaroslavl State University.
My adviser was Vladimir Dolnikov.

I work in convex, metric, discrete and stochastic geometry. My research interests are mainly related to the covering and cutting question, incidence theorems and point arrangements.

One of my hobbies is classical geometry. I am editor of the Journal of Classical Geometry. We are waiting for your articles!

My papers and books.

Collection of T-shirts with mathematical figures.

I like to make problems for mathematical olympiads. Here you can find some of them (In Russian).

Other Projects:
Here you can download my collection of METAPOST macros. Documentation: English, Russian.

A. V. Akopyan, J. Crowder, H. Edelsbrunner, R. Guseinov,
Hexagonal tiling of the two-dimensional sphere.
Interactive model